July 29, 2015

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Trends in Patio Furniture – Setting Up Your Outdoor Space for Spring

Outdoor living spaces have come a long way since those flimsy green plastic table and chairs. This article looks at some key trends for patio furniture in 2015. Get your outdoor area sorted now so that it will be ready when spring comes around.

Bringing the Inside Outside

We are seeing increasing numbers of patio furniture take inspiration from indoor furniture. Getting the right look can come down to a fine art as we don’t want it to look like you’ve just picked up your living room sofa and placed it in your outdoor space. One must keep in mind elements such as weatherproof materials that won’t be ruined by harsh climates or conditions. This is where specially made outdoor settings will last the distance. In instances when you are aware there is going to be horrendous weather, it may be worth considering storing your cushions under cover, taking care of your outdoor patio furniture settings in this way will ensure they stand the test of time.

Teak is Trending

Sustainably sourced teak wood is becoming increasingly popular as homeowners deck out their patio areas in attractive and long-lasting settings. Key trends include weathered and contemporary teak. At Bali Republic, teak makes up the majority of our outdoor setting pieces, this is because we know it not only looks great aesthetically, it is also comfortable and will last the distance.

Modern & Contemporary

Luxury designs that are modern and contemporary look best when they are set against a backdrop of patio furniture that is similarly contemporary. Aim for uniformity in design by opting for modern furniture only if your home’s outdoor setting is similarly modern and design-driven. Remember, consistency when it comes to your various outdoor setting pieces is key!

Focus on One Piece

In fact, one of the worst things you can do is over clutter your space with various pieces. It is best to focus on one key piece (sometimes called a ‘conversation piece’) such as a large sofa or even a contemporary table, and build up the other pieces to complement this key piece. Similarly, don’t over clutter with excessive cushions and the like.


Reused furniture – Benches and seats made out of old and recycled timber are increasingly popular with the environmentalism movement. Not only will your pieces be environmentally friendly, they will likely last longer than some of their brand new counterparts as they have proven they are made with good quality timber and materials. Similarly, reusing existing timber will mean you are able to provide your own touch and individualism to your outdoor space.

Responsibly sourced materials – Does your chosen outdoor furniture company use responsibly sourced materials for their outdoor designs? Whilst it may seem like an added luxury, responsibly sourced materials are actually not only good in terms of the aesthetics of the pieces (they are usually made in accordance with higher quality designs), but also are far better for the environment, as well as the well-being of the country from where the material is sourced. Bali Republic use only responsibly sourced materials in their outdoor designs including grade A teak responsibly and locally sourced from government approved and accredited plantation growers in Indonesia.

Company donations – does your chosen outdoor furniture company donate a proportion of the sale price to a charity or NGO? Bali Republic are proud to support SurfAid – a non-profit humanitarian organisation that aim to improve the lives of families and individuals in need in various parts of Indonesia.

Incorporate Colour & Pattern

Whilst it may be a stretch to include bright patterns directly on couches or chairs, you can always lend the same effect by incorporating brightly patterned cushions and accessories such as rugs on your outdoor pieces. Just be sure colours and patterns work well to complement the pieces rather than just acting on their own. Purchasing cushions and accessories that complement each other will be far more effective.

Incorporating some of the above trends into your outdoor area will ensure it remains contemporary for 2015 and the coming years. Elements such as a unique but consistent design will always be on-trend, as will sustainable designs.