Eco-Friendly Materials

At Bali Republic, environmental sustainability is at the core of our business and is why we responsibly source all of our materials. Deforestation is a major problem throughout parts of Asia as businesses and consumers alike demand low cost materials and products. Unfortunately much of the teak industry faces such market forces and indiscriminate teak logging continues to be a problem through parts of Java, Indonesia where the very best teakwood in the world is sourced.
Good quality teakwood is an investment for both businesses and consumers alike - good quality sustainably sourced teakwood even more so. At Bali Republic, we are proud to offer premium quality FCS certified grade A plantation teak that is equal to that of any luxury teak outdoor furniture brand worldwide. Our supply chain of our teakwood is rigorously managed to ensure that all materials used in the production of our luxurious outdoor furniture are in line with our company's views on effective environmental practices.

Reclaimed teakwood is another material that we are using more and more of in our outdoor furniture collections. Reclaimed teak is a sustainable as it gets given it has been salvaged from old houses, palaces, wharfs, you name it - if it's salvageable we'll use it. The previously used teakwood is then restored to a state whereby it is useable in the production of our outdoor furniture range such as our Uluwatu and Tembok collections. Reclaimed teakwood is also testament to teak's long lifespan given that the timber has been used for another use often for decades.